The Brown Mullet Floater - Now Available

The Brown Mullet Floater - Now Available
The Brown Mullet Floater - Now Available
The Brown Mullet Floater - Now Available

 I'm sure you are glad to see this one finally, especially if you've been following along with us on Facebook.


The Brown Mullet Floater is not just our newest lure but also our biggest undertaking. I would bet that more blood, sweat and tears have gone into the developing this lure than all of our other fishing lures combined. It has a lot more "guts" to it than your average soft plastic lure, which is where all of the magic happens. The unique structure and balance makes the lure slowly sink or "suspend" in the water and moves like a wounded mullet.


The net result of all that? Big trout find it irresistible...


If you're like me and enjoy lists, here's a few of the highlights of this speckled trout magnet:

  • Hinged tail section - This is where all of the action comes from. When you pop/twist/roll this lure it has some spectacular movement
  • Slow sinking - The special foam insert makes the lure fall very slowly (or even float in some bay systems)
  • Sturdy stainless steel backbone - You won't catch just a few fish on one of these lures before it gets torn up thanks to the inner supports we added in. This lure will last, which is good because you'll be needing it
  • Hand Painted Eyes - Like our other fishing lures, we put a big bold eye on there to help give trout something to lock onto
  • Super Sharp Hooks - We went all out on these and developed our own proprietary hook exclusive to our fishing lures. We think you'll like them, we sure do


Oh and the best part? They are available now for a sweet $5.64--far less than others of its type-- in 6 colors that are sure to trick a trout or redfish or two; Glow, Pink Hologram, Plumtreuse, Amber, Black Cat and the all-new Gold Hologram.


We've put a lot into this lure so that you can hopefully bring in that record big trout this fall. Go get 'em.


Thanks to Adam Valadez for the photos in this post