About our Fishing Lures

We make unique fishing products that find new ways to solve an age-old problem: How can I catch those pesky fish?. Our designs are all about challenging what we all think are the "tried and true" methods and finding out what can be improved. Some of our items may look strange at first, but everything is built in for a reason.

The Devil Eye Devil Eye fishing lures
What makes this lure special?
  • Hand Painted Eyes: The Devil Eye was possibly the first soft plastic "tail" to feature big painted eyes. Our theory was the eyes would provide more contrast to the body of the lure in the water, and give fish a target to lock onto. We don't know if fish recognize it as an eye or not, but it definitely gives them a bullseye that has produced so much we included the feature on every new lure.
  • Enlarged Buoyant Head: The design of the head of a lure often gets overlooked, but is vital to both casting distance and buoyancy. The shape of the head tapers to reduce drag so that you can cast it farther. The soft plastic used in our lures is buoyant by itself, but the weight of the jighead counteracts that buoyancy and makes it sink. By increasing the size of the head we have added a lot more "float" to the lure so that it makes a slow dive, more like a real bait fish.
  • Barbed Tail: Most people don't even notice this subtle touch, so if you want to sound like a wise old salt point it out to your friends. Rather than tapering off the tail to a small point like most soft plastic lures, we added a rounded barb to the end. This barb flutters while moving through the water and dramatically increases the action versus a straight-tail lure.
Flappin' Devil Flappin Devil fishing lures
Why you should start using this lure now
  • Specially designed head
  • Paddle tail action
  • Big hand painted eyes
TruLoc Jigheads TruLoc Jigheads
What makes this lure special?
  • Lures last longer
  • Matched profile reduces spin
  • Tough hooks won't bend or break